If You Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach Keep Reading!

Coffee is really a healthy drink that helps all of us wake up each morning and increases our stamina. Numerous studies have demonstrated that consuming coffee decreases the risk of a number of serious illnesses.

Here are a few of the vitamins and minerals found in a typical 8 ounces cup of coffee:

  • 1% Folate – of the recommended everyday allowance
  • 2% Vitamin B1 – of the suggested daily dosage
  • 2% Vitamin B3 – of the recommended everyday allowance
  • 6% Supplement B5 – of the suggested daily dosage
  • 3% Potassium – of the suggested daily dosage
  • 2% Magnesium – of the suggested daily allowance
  • 3% Manganese – of the suggested daily dosage
  • 1% Phosphorus – of the suggested daily allowance

Needless to say, these types of amounts aren’t big. However, considering the quantity of coffee all of us drink during the day the actual numbers very easily add up. Plus, it’s not all regarding these vitamins and minerals. An average joe gets much more antioxidants through coffee compared to vegetables and fruit combined! So, you see that coffee is extremely beneficial. However, it may also be harmful if ingested on a clear stomach each morning.

Consuming the cup of coffee on a clear stomach can make the digestive system launch hydrochloric acidity. This can result in a lot of issues and is harmful if you’re struggling with gastritis. This particular acid affects your digestive function and leads to difficult proteins digestion, which could cause bloatedness, indigestion, bloatedness, and swelling in the intestinal.

This is why specialists recommend usually having your mug of coffee after the breakfast you don’t do so it can cause a surge in your cortisol levels, and also the body may have a hard time coming back to its regular state. In addition, as we discussed earlier, it will result in the discharge of hydrochloric acidity which can be harmful for your digestive function.

For your benefit, it’s better to eat anything before consuming your cuppa Joe: it can be anything at all like a little slice of bread. If you, but don’t prefer to eat prior to your espresso, at least then add butter or even milk to be able to reduce the severe effects of the actual beverage.