5 Surprising Medical Uses Of Onion! You Can Cure Multiple Issues!

We all use onions as a natural fix for many years. Folks have used it for several different health problems. For instance, they ‘ve used it to deal with vomiting, however, they have also tried it as an organic antibiotic that may reinforce the defense mechanisms.

Onions are part of the allium family of veggies. That’s the reason why it has a lot of sulfur inside it which is accountable for the antibiotic and antiseptic effects. It is also well worth mentioning which onions are usually rich in Quercetin. This is an antioxidant which could help your body fight free radicals. Because onion juice is an excellent expectorant, and we use it in cases of respiratory problems as well.

Additionally, onions are actually outstanding for the cardiovascular system, cholesterol amounts, and rheumatoid arthritis. The flavonoid and sulfur cause it to be wonderful for diabetes sufferers. Now let us highlight a few other medical problems that onions can treat.

Blocked Ears

Begin by removing the actual soft center of the onion by using any cloth make it in the ear canal’s entrance. Keep in mind not to press the onion deep. Let it stay overnight and then remove it in the morning. The red onion will make the actual wax smoother which means that it is possible to take out it in a simple and easy way.


Just in case you burn yourself, get an onion cut it and put this in the impacted area (with the cut side facing down). You’ll have a quick alleviation.

Insect Bites

Wasps or even bees could be fatal for those who are allergic. If they sting you, try to get rid of the stinger initially. When you remove it, get an onion, then crush it and apply it on the affected location. The inflammation and the discomfort will be soothed immediately.

Higher Body Temperature

Numerous grandmothers continue to be stocking socks with bits of onions whenever their granddaughters and grandsons are coping with a fever. This isn’t a big surprise because this organic remedy is actually working.


Lastly, onions will help the actual body’s efforts to eliminate harmful toxins. But, to be able to maximize the results, it is strongly suggested it to make use of this vegetable in a uncooked form. This really is one of the easiest ways to get rid of toxins.

Stick to these tips and you may eliminate numerous health issues without having worrying regarding side effects.

Source: healthyandsmartliving.com