Doctors Hate Baking Soda Because It is Too Efficient Against Cancer!

Baking soda is a white crystalline solid that looks like powder. In addition, the actual National Study centers of Wellness at the Arizona University verified that probably the most hostile cancers that have metastasized could be reversed using baking soda therapies.

Furthermore, research is demonstrating dietary steps to enhance bicarbonate levels. It improves the pH levels of acid tumors and not upsetting pH levels in the blood. Most people decide on chemotherapy with cancer, but it is actually toxic to any or all cells within our body. This increases cancer growth as well as long-term fatality rates.

The Whitaker Protocol

Doctor J. Whitaker has created The Whitaker protocol. However, this process uses 12g of baking soda added too 2 cups drinking water, together with a sweetener. He claims that should you beverage this particular mix 3 times a day it is extremely effective in cancer therapy.

Baking soda may also slow up the engagement in the lymph node on the transportation cancer tissues, it does not reduce the amount of distributing tumor cells, this reduces the actual engagement in the liver also it enters the actual colonization of the other internal organs by distributing tumor tissues.

This cancer remedy method is very simple to make. You will require honey or molasses or and maple syrup. Just blend one tsp of baking soda along with one tsp of molasses in some drinking water and your beverage is ready.