4 Tricks To Deal With Dental Problems With Lemon!

Lemon juice is far more than simply a taste enhancer which makes your beverage refreshing, having a trace of sourness.

Even though slurping on a lemon slice can make your teeth really feel strange, lemon can, in fact, assist you to treat numerous oral issues and avoid seeing the dentist.

The amount of acid in this fresh fruit helps eliminate bacteria on the teeth, thus stopping infections as well as maintaining your own oral health. This reduces the actual yellow trace accumulated upon teeth, toothaches, as well as eliminates smelly breath.

Nonetheless, if you are using them too much they might actually damage the teeth. So, small amounts is the key.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use lemons to deal with various teeth as well as gum issues.

1. Make teeth whiter

The main reasons for your yellow-colored teeth are espresso, tea, wines, and cigarette smoking. Since you may know, whitening each tooth can cost you a great deal.

However, by using two inexpensive, natural ingredients you may make an insert that will get rid of the stains you teeth were in and give a perfectly white-colored smile.

The first is the lemon. This fresh fruit is an organic bleaching agent which will thoroughly clean your teeth through stains and make sure they brighter are than before.


  • 2 or 3 tablespoons of juice of lemons
  • 1 tablespoon of salt


Blend the components to create a substance. Then, brush with it carefully, and let this stay for a couple minutes prior to rinsing totally with natural water. Do that twice every week for optimum results.

Notice: Don’t get this therapy over twice per week since lemon consists of citric acid that may damage your own tooth enamel and make each tooth even more yellow-colored.

2. Removes Bad Breath

Consuming garlic or even onion is not really the only reason behind your smelly breath. Your breath has an odor even if your teeth are dry, or even when the generation of your saliva is decreased. It is because saliva helps eliminate oral germs.

Fortunately, lemon may also assist kill your own oral germs as well as avoid dry mouth area, thus removing your smelly breath. This is because of its effective antimicrobial attributes.


three tablespoons of lemon juice


After you eat, use lemon juice for you to gargle after which spit it. Wash the mouth area afterward to avoid the high level of acidity of the juice of lemons from harming your teeth enamel.

3. Strengthens The Gumline

This fresh fruit can help enhance your gums and teeth. The high amounts of
anti-inflammatory attributes and vitamin C will even recover your bleeding gum line.


  • one glass of drinking water
  • two tablespoons of lemon juice


Add two tablespoons of lemon juice to some glass of drinking water.

Wash your mouth after you eat your meals using a solution of drinking water as well as lemon juice. Additionally, you can deal with your bleeding gum line by making use of lemon juice straight onto the actual gums.

4. Alleviates Toothaches

Tooth rot is the most typical cause of toothaches. But, because of vitamin C, you can deal with infections and minimize your toothaches using only lemon juice.


  • 1 tablespoon of juice of lemons


Relax some juice of lemons with a 100 % cotton ball as well as dab this on the sore area. After that, just clean your mouth along with water.

But the powerful acidic content material of lemon can lead to teeth damage in case left up to 15 minutes in your mouth.

Source:  womandailytips.com