Never Reheat Leftovers! Here Is The Reason Why!

Leftovers are super easy to reheat and everybody enjoys them. However, you need to know that reheating the meal is not safe. Some foods while reheated can harm your health, based on experts.
Consuming reheated meals can damage the health. This is the reason why you have to avoid these types of 4 leftovers:


Reheating the veggies or keeping them incorrectly can be deadly. The Center for Food Security says that you should freeze leftover veggies at -40 C. If you have to store the actual veggies for longer time period, freeze all of them. Celery, beets, lettuce, as well as spinach, possess high amounts of nitrates which accumulate when the vegetables experience a room temperatures. Nitrate may cause a rare bloodstream disorder within children known as methemoglobinemia. That causes symptoms such as fatigue, lack of breath as well as seizures.

Vegetable oil

Reheating the meal that is cooked with veggie oils is extremely dangerous which is linked to an elevated risk of cancer, stroke as well as heart disease. The actual reheating of polyunsaturated oils that consist of linoleic acid (corn oil, canola, as well as sunflower oil) produces HNE that is a toxin through the fatty acids which harm your health. It is associated with some kinds of cancer, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, liver issues as well as heart disease. You should use this oil only one time and do not reheat it.


Chicken includes a large amount of protein so when reheated, the composition changes too much more dangerous one. Reheating cool chicken is actually good when the meat’s within is very very hot. It is essential if you are using the microwave since it sometimes will not heat the food item evenly. You can eat chicken meat for up to 2 days.


In order to stay healthier, you should keep the rice appropriately. Based on Food Standard Agency, the actual rice which is uncooked consists of spores of dangerous bacteria which survive the very first cooking procedure. If it is saved at room temperature, the actual spores will certainly multiply as well as cause numerous digestive issues. These spores can easily endure the reheating process. This is why it is recommended to consume it all at the same time. You better deep freeze the leftovers rather than keeping it for the next day in the refrigerator.