You Don’t Need Diabetes Medications! Make This Drink With Only 2 Ingredients!

This particular homemade treatment that we are showing you in this post is simple to make because it just requires two ingredients which you actually have in the kitchen area!


  • 300 gr. of celery
  • 6 lemons


First, clean the celery as well as grate it. After that, place it in a container. Add the lemon juice. Cover the whole pot and put this into an additional pot filled with water. Steam till the water in the big pot gets to a cooking point. As soon as it’s boiling, decrease the temperature and simmer for approximately two hours.

Take away the pots from your stove and don’t open it until the blend has cooled down completely. Move the blend into a container. Close it firmly and put this in the refrigerator.

Consume the tablespoon of the remedy each and every morning with an empty belly, 30 minutes prior to breakfast. This particular amount can last you for 2 months and you may soon observe that your glucose levels have started to change!