Stop Eating These Types of Watermelons Now!

Watermelons mainly grow in east China. Farmers utilize growth chemical substances there to create big vegetation. However, instead, these people get terrible crops.

With every use, the accelerator – forchlorfenuron and the melons which survived, possess fibrous as well as bad form and white-colored instead dark seeds.

This may sound humorous but it is actually a reality. Utilization of such chemical substance growth created widespread erupted melon symptoms.


It is a plant development chemical which the UNITED STATES authorizes as environment protection agency. The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY pesticide info says this is often used on blossoms too and create early flowers in large size, models, clusters etc. This chemical substance acts as synergy with auxins for flower cell split and development.

The MSNBC Chinese maqui berry farmers use this unhealthy way for fresh fruits, on extra wet weather conditions, late within seasons which exploded the melons production.

Furthermore, by acre, melons grew a lot. Epoch Times released in May which seeds were brought in of The Japanese. Of the twenty farmers within China, ten used this kind of seeds. It is far from crystal clear if they used chemicals too.

Broken melons aren’t the most severe part right here. Additionally, there is protection for consuming.


MSNBC said you will find quotes from the record Feng Shuangqing, professor of China agricultural college said this issue needs to be resolved in China. However, Chinese growers abuse lawful and unlawful chemicals as well as use numerous fertilizers as well as pesticides.

The item pointed out is actually legal within the USA as well as China. The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY fact sheet stated this is simply not a hazard however it may affect creatures and people a bit. Negative effects in domestic pets are:

  • Much less birth bodyweight
  • Less litter box size
  • Much more hair loss
  • Much more pup fatality
  • Also, this particular chemical is toxic for fresh water fish.


One certain sign that this fruit is not really all natural is actually lack of taste and fragrance. This looks fresh, nice, powerful colors. However, there is no taste at all. Boosters make separated cells, as well as fruit, develops quick, but the taste is cleared. Flavor indicates ripeness, which takes time. Unripe fruits are without flavor.

Furthermore, those watermelons with chemical substances are big, have vibrant color outdoors and within is more creamy colored than red. Other indications are white-colored seeds, misshapen fruits, and fibrous tissue. This is for simple watermelons initially with dark seeds. The actual seedless watermelon types possess regular white-colored seeds within.