15 Foods To Consume Lots of But Still Not Gain Weight

In case you are attempting to lose excess fat and preserve your body figure, you need to know that there are certain foods which are of great aid, and will never result in putting on weight.

These food types are high in dietary fiber but lower in calories, so that they will make you feel full, without causing the build up of body fat in the human body.

15 Foods That Contain Little Calories

Always be certain your diet is actually well-balanced, and that we suggest the next 15 meals, that must be found in our daily food selection:


Celery consists of 95% water so that they detox your body and speed up the weight reduction process.

Plums and Apples

The intake of an apple assists digestive function, and maintains you full for a long time. Apples tend to be high in vitamin C as well as potassium, and also an apple consists of just 50 kcal. Plums are rich in nutrition and help that is lost weight.

Oranges and grapefruits

Citrus fresh fruits are full of vitamin C and flavonoids, that helps digestive function, promotes the healthiness of the liver and pores and skin, and help weight reduction.


You can consume as many eggs as you would like, and still not really gain weight.

Melons and watermelons

The slice of these fruits consists of up to 70 calories, but it cleanses the system, results in satiety, as well as removes extra fluids.


Cucumbers are outstanding if you wish to lose weight because they help you burn off fat and decrease bloatedness.

Cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage

These veggies actually have nutritional value which connects to iodine and ensures you eat them two times a week.


You could consume as much cooked or barbecued eggplant. A portion of eggplant free of oils contains just 24 kcal.


Salads are actually rich in folic acid. For example, a lettuce leaf consists of only three kcal, so that you can eat just as much as you want without having to gain weight.

Strawberry, cranberry

These fresh fruits are full of vitamin C and get rid of the gathered liquids from the entire body. Strawberries additionally increase digestive function and market heart wellness.


Pineapples separate fats as well as aid the actual metabolism of protein, because of the bromelain they consist of.


Zucchini helps the functionality of the intestinal tract and are lower in calories so that they are ideal for dropping extra pounds. Some of the zucchini includes just 42 kcal.


Prepare snacks without any spread or sugars, and you may eat as much as you would like. A mug of snacks free of sugars and spread contains just 31 kcal.


Algae are actually rich in iodine, so they change the functionality of the thyroid gland and prevent putting on weight.


A typical portion of this particular vegetable offers only forty kcal, however, it is an abundant source of nutrition, like manganese, which burns up calorie as well as regulates glucose levels.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com