7 Signs Which Indicate That You May Have High Blood Sugar!

Many people really like sweets as well as sugar and we all know that big quantities can harm our overall health but it is so hard to resist. In the event of excessive use of sugar, your body sends indicators that reveal that it is time to stop eating sugar. The main thing is to learn to recognize these types of signs as well as act after you have noticed all of them.


Exhaustion and insufficient energy

Continuous fatigue, as well as tiredness, is really a symptom of sugars dependence. If you feel tired despite resting then you are probably consuming high levels of sugar. Carbohydrates and sugars just provide an initial increase of energy and after a while they bring you down.

Craving for sugar and sweets

Another indication of sugar addiction would be the constant urges for carbohydrates and sugars. In this case, the easiest method to clean your body is to do a sugar detox.

Gaining extra weight

Sugar does not contain dietary fibers or proteins, so large consumption of sweets will show high calorie increase in the body. The too much consumption of sugars stimulates much more production of insulin that leads to insulin misbalance as well as gaining weight.

Skin and feet problem

Based on the podiatrist Doctor Green sugar is the cause of plantar fasciitis recognized with pain within the feet and also the heel. Sugars can cause acne breakouts, rosacea as well as eczema because of its inflammatory causes on the body. Additionally, high levels of sugar may cause dark spots under the eyes and adrenal exhaustion.

Mind fog

An additional sign associated with sugar dependency is mind fog that occurs when the glucose levels are lower and it generally happens right after meals. The intake of too many sugars makes the insulin amounts to spike. If this happens continuously it can result in cognitive issues.

Frequent cold and influenza

Sugar impacts the immune system and it makes it weak. Therefore excessive usage of sugar affects the ability of the body in order to fight the common cold and influenza. This might become the reason that you are frequently impacted by colds as well as flu.

Sweet treats do not taste exactly the same

The ingestion of higher amounts of sugar attacks the flavor buds. Therefore this makes the sugary goodies flavor not as nice as before. This also messes up with the tolerance of sugar in the body. Repairing this problem is simple. Just minimize the sugars and the flavor will improve.

Source: healthyfoodwhisperer.com