Do Not Buy Garlic! Grow Endless Supplies Of Garlic At Home

With all garlic benefits aside, we still have the unique smell and taste of this small veggie.

The garlic is a veggie that is medicinal and has many nutrients. It is low in calories and has vitamin C, selenium, calcium, manganese and potassium too.

But it is best to eat organic garlic. Speaking of this, you can grow garlic at home! No chemicals, just nature!

First, the garlic health benefits:

  1. Healthy heart- garlic lowers risk of heart issues, but also processes better cholesterol and controls hypertension.
  2. Makes immunity stronger- garlic makes immunity better and fights diseases and colds. Eat this regularly and reduce sickness risk by 62%.
  3. Cancer prevention

Growing garlic at home

Break the bulbs in cloves and put them in damp, loose soil just a few inches depth. The pointy side must be upward. Wait for this to sprout and water it, but not too much.

To keep the good taste, cut the blooms. Oil it up when it gets to 6 leaves.

This is it. Enjoy homegrown organic garlic!

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