If You Notice A Heart Attack, You Must Act With In 10 Seconds To Survive. Here Is What To Do, VIDEO Included

A Heart attack is more common these days sadly and it cannot always be predicted. It is good to think you might never have one, but in case this happens you have to see what might occur and how can you save your life.

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Read the advice below and see the survival chances even before an ambulance arrives.

Mostly, when people suspect  a myocardial infarction happens, they first PANIC. Then after a few seconds they are unconscious. You have just a few seconds to react so be cautious here.

First, call an ambulance. After that, start to cough BY FORCE AND A LOT.

The cough must be strong and deep like you try to remove chest congestion, extend the exhales and inhales. This saves lives so remember this.

Here is how this works: you send oxygen in the lungs and this is due to the deep breaths. Also from the coughs  you pressure the heart a bit more to make better blood flow. Press the heart this way and the sinuses will get normal. This can indeed save lives.

Keep this in mind!

See the video below to learn more on this cough breathing technique.

Source and image source: healthandlovepage.com