What Happens To Us With 1 tsp Turmeric Daily?

One such dose of this every day can remove pain, inflammation, toxins, cancer and more. In India, this is praised and used as spice and food both for over 2500 years. First they used it as coloring and then medicine.

It removed inflammation, bacteria and more and studies even said it is good for Alzheimer cases too.

Less inflammation

The curcuma item here can remove inflammation better than drugs.

Healthier brain

Cognition issues like Alzheimer’s and dementia both are from the brain neurotropic factor in the growth hormones. Experts said the curcuma influences the BDNF and cures the brain.

Less cancer risks

Turmeric is amazing for killing some cancers. It slows their growth and spreading of those cells.

Improved digestion

Turmeric daily makes the health better and improves gallbladder work, gases reducing, bloating, inflammation and more. Also in case of gastro irritations, avoid this food EVERY day.

Healthy heart

The curcuma lowers the LDL and stops blood clots to form, thus you get less plaque.

Less arthritis signs

More studies are needed here for the chronic inflamed joints. Curcuma supplement also is better than OTC meds and drugs and has no side effects. The free radicals and inflammation are linked to curcuma work. This also fights cancer, heart issues, obesity too. for overall health, have 1 tsp turmeric in juices, soups, stir fries, sodas, dressings, salads. Also the curcuma is the healing agent in the turmeric and is not perfectly absorbed or digested. This can be adjusted, add a dash black pepper to enhance the potency.

Source and image source: onlinehealthsociety.com