These Seeds Kill Cancer, Make Sight Better And Improve Sleep

If you want something chewy that’s also  a snack, get pumpkin seeds!

They have many nutrients like copper, magnesium, zinc, protein and they are a power food seed in a small package. Also they have plant items like phytosterols and free-radical fight agents that boost the health.

Since they have fibers, they gives us more fibers for digestion and help us reach the 50 g in 1000 calories serving.

Also these seeds do not need to be refrigerated and are a perfect snack on the go, used at home and outside too.

The best 9 pumpkin seeds benefits

Magnesium for the heart

¼ cup of these seeds has enough daily Mg that is vital for many functions like ATP creation for energy molecules, synthesis of RNA and DNA, heart pumping, bones and teeth health, relaxed blood vessels and good bowel work. Also Mg benefits the blood pressure and stops cardiac arrests, strokes, attacks and yet 80% USA people lack Mg.

Zinc for immunity

These seeds have lots of zinc and in 1 oz you get 2 mg of this mineral. Zinc is vital since it boosts immunity, cell growth, mood, sleep, taste and smell senses, also boosts skin and eye health, insulin work and male stamina. Many have zinc deficit since soil affects this, drugs, plant diets and some grains. Also this goes with flu and cold, fatigue, depression, low birth babies, acne, focus issues and bad memory in kids.

Plant based omega 3

The raw seeds and nuts are the best for omega 3 sources. We all need the ALA alpha-linoleic acid and this is changed in the body to omega 3 EPA and DHA, enzymes for insulin work. So, while the pumpkin seeds are great for ALA, we also need some animal sources like krill oil.

For healthy prostate

These seeds also are great for men health. They have zinc and zinc is amazing for the prostate (they need zinc the most) and also the oil and extract of these seeds treat benign prostaic hyperplasia BPH or large prostate. Also studies proved that this seed oil and the seeds can make prostate healthier.

For diabetes

Animal studies proved that isnulin regulation is better with pumpkin seeds and diabetic issues are prevented from oxidation stress.

Postmenopausal women benefits

The pumpkin seed oil has many phytoestrogens and studies said that it can increase the good HDL cholesterol and lower hypertension, headaches, hot flashes, joint pain and other signs in menopause.

Liver and heart health

These seeds have many healthy fats, fibers, antioxidants and make the liver and heart healthier especially when mixed with flaxseed.

Tryptophan for good sleep

This seed has tryptophan and inside this changes to serotonin that also changes to melatonin, sleep hormone. Eat these seeds before bed and also have a bit carbs like apple or some other fruit and sleep better.

For inflammation

This oil and the seeds remove inflammation. A study even proved that this is better than inflammation drugs like Indomethacin for arthritis and with no side effects.

Best consuming way

To get all the benefits and nutrients, you have to eat them raw. If you get the seeds of bulk bins, always smell them. The smell must never be rancid, spoiled, stale, musty since this means mycotoxins. The organic seeds are the best and they have no pesticides and chemicals.

But, most nuts and seeds also have anti-nutrients like the phytic acid and this makes other nutrients less useful from before after ingestion. If you want to eat seeds regularly, at least soak/sprout them.  For a better taste, dehydrate them in the oven and eat them. Also get market available dehydrators, and the Excalibur is the best with lasting over 2 decades and ongoing. You can get them at Amazon.

If you like roasted seeds, roast them yourself but in controlled time and heat. The raw seeds can be roasted on low heat in the oven, tops 170 F or 75 C, sprinkle a bit Himalayan salt and heat thm up for 20 min more.

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