Read This And Start Eating Kamias Every Day

The bilimbi or kamias is the best and most unheard of fruit in the world. It is linked to the star fruit, and unlike it is sour and used in cooking. It is native of Philippines  and it has many vitamins like B and  C, antioxidant and phosphorus too.

The kamias is not really popular and is definitely healthy so you must try it.

The best benefits are:

For cough– ease up the cough by mixing fennel kerns, 3 kamia grains and a bit sugar. Let this boil and then steam for a few hours. Divide in halves and have the first in the morning before breakfast, and the second in the night.

For diabetes– this is great for this issue. Mix 6 kamias grains and glass of water. Let this boil, strain it and drink it twice in the day.

For acne– the kamias are acidic and cure acne. Crush some kamias and put this on the skin for a few minutes. Rinse with water.

For thrush– this can be painful but really effective. Now, get kamias crush them and apply them. Hold a bit and be stunned.

For rheumatism– for this pain, crush some kamias and leave one grain smooth. Add water, mix and apply on the area 3 times daily.

Stiff muscles– mix kamias leaves a handful, 1 grain kamias fruit, 10 cloves grains, 15 peppercorns. Mix in vinegar and let this mix soften. Apply on the muscles.

For tooth pain– relieve this pain and crush kamias first. Put this on the tooth and see it is better than a medicine!

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