Did You Know These Amazing Things About Onions?

Onions have been used for centuries for their amazing flavor and benefits. This veggie is tasty and also has items that stop cancer and boost immunity. They have more nutrients than other foods like blueberries, goji berries, pomegranates and more.

Natural quercetin source – onion

This veggie also has vitamin A, C, copper, iron, sulfur and quercetin. This one is an antioxidant seen in red onions, citrus fruit, blueberries, apples, olive  oil and red wine. It removes inflammation and stops cancer growth. So, if you have arthritis or other such issue, eat onion.

Also studies showed that quercetin is good for prostate health. this also stops many cancer types since it removes inflammation. Also this item has natural antihistamine effect for allergies. Studies showed that this item also lowers bad cholesterol and raises good one, thus stopping heart problems. The flavonoids inside stop heart issues, make pressure normal, relieve upper respiratory problems and minimize stress damage.

Sulfur of onion for optimal health

In addition to this item, also onion has sulfur, hence the strong aroma and smell. This lowers inflammation, removes bacteria and microbes too.

Also, this prevents blood clots, high pressure, strokes risks. Have onions regularly and lower risk of heart issues, cancer, breathing issues and atherosclerosis.

The organic sulfur items make us fight infections more. Also this kills bacteria and relaxes muscles in blood vessels. Health experts say that there is a link between sulfur and ovary/esophageal/colorectal/laryngeal cancer lowering.

Due to the sulfur, onion also prevents cancer, stops tumors to grow, keeps us safe from oxidation stress. In a rat study was stated that eating onions balances and increases testosterone.

Onion nutrition values

This veggie has minerals, vitamins, allicin, fiber and antioxidants but also phyto-chemicals. It has just 45 calories in serving, no fat/sodium, cholesterol and such. In 160 g serving you get 20% more daily vitamin C, 10% vitamin B6 and 8% folate.

Also you get proteins, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, fluoride, chromium for regulation of blood sugar and insulin work. Allicin, the main item, makes nitric oxide and lowers bad cholesterol. Also you get many B vitamins, B6 and pyridoxine that stop mental issues and keep brain healthy.

Also studies proved that onion eating keeps you safe from bowel cancer, digestion issues, inflammation to bowels and more. Onion makes more good bacteria in the gut and improves digestion and gut health.

Source and image source: fitnessandpower.com