Have This Amazing Drink And Remove Toxins Off The Colon

If you had those days with many toxins and unhealthy foods, alcohol and sweets, you MUST do a colon cleanse. This also is good for a whole body detox for every organ.

Try ACV and honey, it is the best.


Honey is amazing natural cure for many issues. It has eugenol, phenolic item that stops and cures cancer. Also items in the recipe kill cancer cells. The honey also has probiotics that make good bacteria for digestion.


Another great natural cure. Get only organic ACV. It has good bacteria for the gut.

ACV is antibiotic and lowers acid refluxes, belly acids and heartburns.

Also has antioxidants; catechin, caffeic acid, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid. Acetic acid boosts nutrition from food.

If the colon is blocked, we will see these signs:

  1. Ache- in case of damaged colon, you will have back ache, sciatica and headache
  2. Constipation- from a bad diet, stress and chemicals this happens. The colon makes mucus more and this gets piled up.
  3. Fatigue- the toxins residue from the colon travel and go to every body part and blood flow, thus making fatigue.
  4. Acne- if the colon is clogged, pores get dirt in them too.
  5. Odor- if you have lots of gasses or bad breath, you need a cleanse.

How is the colon cleanse done?

You need:

  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp ACV
  • 8 oz water


Shake up the ACV bottle and add 2 tbsp of it in water, warm. Add honey and mix.

Have this before breakfast after waking up and a few times in the day too.

Source and image source: onlinehealthsociety.com