How To Do The Japanese Self-Relaxation For Stress Reducing And Enjoying!

Studies made a strong link between stress and emotional/physical problems like vomiting, nausea, pressure, strokes, depression, heart attacks, weak immunity and also other issues.

Sadly, stress is common these days and this makes more risk of other health problems. So, if you can’t manage stress, read on more.

Lower the stress with many methods like yoga, meditation, music, workouts, massage and more. Also try our Japanese method for amazing effects. This can be done anywhere in just 5 minutes.

It is believed that every finger is connected to feelings and emotions, like such:

Thumb- worry and anxiety

Index- overcoming fears

Middle finger- bitterness and rage

Ring finger- melancholy and depression

Little finger- stress, optimism, self-esteem

What to do:

The goal here is to balance the opposing energies. Get one finger at a time and also wram the next one around. Hold every finger with 2 other fingers to feel pulse.

Press the center of the palm using the thumb of the opposing hand and after a minute, be more relaxed.

This will relax you, balance the spirit and also remove stress. See the video below to see more info on the method:

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