Have This Fruit To Rejuvenate The Liver By Whole 20 Years!

The liver is an organ that rejuvenates by itself, but somehow we have to act too. If a doctor says you have fatty liver disease, you must act fast.

This disease is not linked to obesity per se, and it has no signs in early stages.

Another serious liver issue is nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. This means you might also get liver cancer that is fatal.

Usually this is linked to obesity, bad diet, fast weight loss, gastric surgery and intestine issues. Good thing is that we have solutions for these issues.

Usually we eat fruits daily and do not know their benefits. Let’s say, tamarind fruit is good for removing liver fat. This also is good for a detox, digestion, liver health, lowering cholesterol, curing bile issues and more.

How to use this in case of fatty liver and hepatitis:

Get 2 handfuls peeled tamarind and blend it with liter water. Mix this and strain it. Have this drink all day long. Add honey for taste. For making tamarind tea, get 25 washed tamarind leaves in 1 liter water pot, boil this for 20 min and let it cool. Add brown sugar and honey, but is better not sweet. Have this 2 times daily, morning and night, and improve liver health.

Source and image source: tipsforeasierlife.com