Remove Toxins Of The Colon With Just 2 Items

By removing mucus, fecal residue, parasites inside intestines, you can be healthier and stop future problems.

During our life, intestines process more than 100 tons food and over 40.000 liters water, fecal deposits and toxins inside too!

This leads to constipation, bad metabolism, weight gain, liver and kidney issues, hear and vision issues, hair, skin, nail problems and more.

Having 1-3 tbsp flaxseed flour 3 times per week can clean intestines from mucus and fecal residue, parasites and keep the healthy gut flora.

This method makes rapid weight good changes and improves lipid metabolism too. This flour also removes toxins better and lowers bad cholesterol.

The recipe

Instead of breakfast, have this for 21 days:

Week 1– 1 tbsp flaxseed flour and 100 ml kefir

Week 2– 2 tbsp flour and 100 ml kefir

Week 3– 3 tbsp flaxseed flour and 150 ml kefir

Try this recipe to make the kefir.

If you cannot find flaxseed flour, buy flaxseed and grind them. Never make extra, since you need this fresh and not rancid. Make a fresh batch every morning.

Have this instead of breakfast. Have at least 2 liters water daily and also have honey too.

Have this detox once a year.

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