15 Health Issues Cured With Epsom Salt

Which salt is healthy? Epsom salt. This is not salt actually, the name is magnesium sulfate, mix of mineral magnesium and sulfate. It is famous for bath use to give the body the 2 main items it needs. It is healthy!

Epsom salt history

This comes from the spring of Epsom, Surrey in England and the water there rises to the payer of porous chalk and non porous clay of London, thus we get the Epsom Downs!

This history started back in 1618 when an Epsom farmer saw his cows did not want to drink water that was bitter. Also he saw this bitter water healed skin issues like rashes! This spread and Epsom salt got popular. This was the first ever spa salt and the term was coined by the chemist Nehemiah Grew in his book of 1695, on topic bitter purging salt.

Look and feel good

For lots of years, the Epsom salt benefits got popular for beauty too and health as well. It is the main item in holistic lifestyle.

Beauty with Epsom

The main uses of Epsom are 2: skin  health and hair beauty.

Epsom and skin

The bodies make new cells all the time. Old ones die and new replace them, maybe 1 million per day. This is scary but the dust we have at home is mainly dead skin cells. Over a year, we shed 8 pounds dead skin and dust mites live there!

The outer skin layer is covered with dead skin. If they stay there, pores get clogged and new skin cannot thrive. So we need to exfoliate. This is the best way to remove dead skin and make the skin breathe easily. Clean skin looks healthy this way.

Epsom exfoliating

To exfoliate good, you need a mild abrasive. Not too harsh, to avoid skin itchiness. Get handful Epsom and put this on wet skin. After the shower, for more health benefits, relax in Epsom salt bath. Also, add olive oil in the bath to moisturize the skin. Add ½ cup in the tub with water.

Epsom for acne

Acne get cured with Epsom. Exfoliating is a big step here to clean the pores, and Epsom also removes microbes since it has sulfates that fight acne.

Epsom for hair

Use Epsom for the hair and removal of scalp toxins, while giving volume too. Add it in the conditioner in same parts; massage the scalp and after 20 min, rinse it.

Epsom health benefits

The best benefit of Epsom is by adding this in bath water, add 2 cups for the whole tub.

Magnesium and sulfate roles

Magnesium is a mineral that keeps the body healthy. It is included in more than 325 enzyme processes, like for inflammation fighting, muscle strength, nerve work and less hardened arteries. Also the sulfate in Epsom makes more nutrient absorption and detox. These 2 items make the Epsom beneficial for:

  • Less hardening of arteries
  • Less blood clots
  • Soothed sprains
  • Less joint pain
  • Soothed sore muscles
  • Less bruise inflammation
  • Relaxing from tension
  • Better detox
  • Better bones
  • Good sleep
  • Less diabetes risk and insulin works better

This can be achieve by just having an Epsom bath 3 times per week.

Other benefits are:

  • Foot health- add ½ cup Epsom in warm water bath and soak the feet, this removes pain, odor, rough skin.
  • Constipation- Epsom can be a laxative. Add 1 tsp in glass of water; this softens the stool for easy passing. Still talk with a doctor first.
  • Skin inflammation and bug bites- put 1 tbsp Epsom in warm water and apply this on the area.
  • Sunburn- same mix as before.

Get Epsom salt for the medical cabinet at home. Natural ways always work better for the health and wellbeing. Soothing, relaxing baths are just one benefit of the Epsom.

Source and image source: justnaturallyhealthy.com