Experts Say Broccoli Reverses Diabetes Damages

Eating broccoli can reverse diabetes damage and heart vessel damages. This food has an item called sulforaphane. If diabetes is not controlled it damages blood vessels and damages hear and brain.

Diabetes affects 5% of Europe people. There is diabetes 1 – with insulin therapy and diabetes 2- with either diet or insulin.

Those with diabetes 1 must not cure themselves without doctor’s advice. Before natural cures for diabetes, have 7 days of clean food diet and try the method of Dr. Anderson, an American explorer.

You have to do this for 21 days; boil liter of water every morning with 350 g broccoli inside, or 500 g. fafter 5 min, get half of the liquid before you eat anything and the other half take it at dinner time. For lunch, get broccoli and 1 tsp cinnamon.

Also this reduces high blood sugar.


In traditional medicine there are 53 plants that reduce blood sugar and the popular ones are dubcac, “hair” maize and dry pods of beans.

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