Eat Ginger Daily And Notice These 13 Things

If you haven’t eaten this so far, now you must try it. This is healthy and good for you. The plant comes from China and is used everywhere now. The ginger root has many aims.

This plant is healthy and tasty and has many uses in recipes. You can add it in drinks, desserts and savory meals.

The benefits are:

Cancer fighting

This plant prevents ovary cancer and works better than chemo or drugs that have platinum. Also ginger prevents intestine and colon issues and reduces colon cancer risks.

Less inflammation

Cell inflammation can be cured with ginger since it has gingerol. Also this removes pain and swelling and also arthritis and muscle pain. It also helps in Alzheimer’s, obesity and diabetes.

No acid reflux

A study of the Molecular Research and Food Nutrition journal said that ginger is 6 times better than acid block drugs. Those damage the lining of belly and even cause ulcers and belly cancer.

No morning sickness

For pregnant women, talk with a doctor prior taking ginger. Some women claimed ginger lowered nausea and vomiting. Or take 200 mg pills every 4 hours.

Less sore throat and cough

The best ginger cure. Slice it and toss it in boiling water, then add lemon and honey. This also removes nasal congestion.

No flatulence and good digestion

For upset belly, boil some ginger pieces and after a few minutes, add honey and this soothes the belly. For flatulence get 250 mg pills, 3 times per day.

No headache

For migraine, mix cayenne and ginger, and add mint. Use just a pinch cayenne and 1 tsp dry mint. Let this simmer and add honey for taste.

Soothe tooth pain

Remove pain with ginger. Rub it on the gums.

Better blood flow

Get juice of 50 g ginger. Put this in basin and add hot water, 5 liters. Put this where is needed to remove toxins.

Other benefits of ginger:

  • Stops and prevent vomiting and nausea after operations – chew it
  • Chew ginger before a meal to make more juices for digestion and increase appetite
  • For muscle strain, mix paste of ginger and turmeric. Rub it 2 times per day
  • Have a glass ginger water in the morning to reduce blood sugar.

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