Use Frozen Lemons To Help You Defeat Diabetes, Tumors And Obesity

Make lemonade when life gives you lemons.. or freeze them.

So why is it so good to first freeze the lemons and then consume them.


This fruit has an amazing peel and skin that are healthy and we must keep them. There are even 10 times more vitamins in this part than the fruit itself. The lemons also have vitamins B6, A, calcium, iron, folate, potassium, phosphorus, protein and magnesium too.

Lemons for your health

Also it helps in hypertension, fevers, diabetes, tumors, weight loss and much more. There have been made a few studies and some of the participants had great results.

To get the bets benefits, freeze lemons before use. Wash them and dry them. Freeze them and then take them out. Cut their ends and flatten them. Grind them with the flat side and do it just like you would do with cheese.

Gather the gratings in a container and use them in cooking, for flavor and aroma. With these shreds, you can make amazing recipes and you can even add them in a juice.

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