9 Signs Of Too Much Stress. Recognize Them Now!

Experts talk on this all the time, but still many people do not know that stress is the lead cause of health issues and even death.

This is dangerous and has some vague signs that cannot be seen all the way. Still, keep in mind that it is crucial to relax and prevent health issues.

These are the main signs:

Sleep issues

If you have sleep problems and sleep too much or too little and have fatigue, you have to make changes. If you have too much stress and do not know it, the body shows it this way. You have nightmares, you worry, toss and turn…do yoga, have a healthy diet, meditate.

Hair loss

MD Carolyn Jacob, founder and director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology said that people lose 100 hairs daily, normally. Some do not notice this. Too much stress makes more hair loss. If you lose too much hair in a few months it is serious.

Mood swings

Stress affects the hormones and you get major mood changes. Also there is risk of addictions, anxiety, OCD and other issues.

Weight changes

Stress also makes weight changes and slows metabolism. This you gain weight, have appetite loss or weight loss too.

Body pains

People ignore these pains and this might be serious. Stress also causes chest pains, stomach pains, diarrhea, ulcers, tense muscles and palpitations. Here, headaches will become more severe and arthritis too. You must manage stress!

No ability to sit still

In case of too much stress, anxiety, restlessness and discomfort, face fears, relax.

Thinking about the jobs

If you overthink on finances, obligations, work, try to relax. Worrying makes things worse and causes mind and body troubles too. Enjoy the moment, leave the cell alone and be more calmed.

Weak libido

Libido is affected by stress and thus you get fewer hormones for sex. Stress also makes you more tired for intimacy. In case you lose libido, do more relaxation and talk with the partner.

No patience

If you are impatient, intolerant, angry, irritated even with friends and family, you have to take a break. Slow down and relax.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com