These 4 Plants Are Good For The Bedroom To Remove Sleep Apnea And End Insomnia

Sadly, many people these days have sleep problems and issues, insomnia, night terrors and sleep apnea too.

Sleep apnea is serious sleep problem and is happening when the breathing during the sleep makes some problems. If it is untreated it can even stop the breathing during sleep and many times too. Thus, the brain and organs will get lack of oxygen.

Two types exist: obstructive sleep apnea OSA – more common, blocked airway and the soft tissue in the throat collapses. And we have central sleep apnea – unlike OSA, airways are not blocked and the brain fails to make muscles breathe since the respiratory control center is instable.

Do I have risk of sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea can affect anyone, at any gender and age and the risk is bigger for:

  • Males
  • Overweight people
  • People over 40
  • Those with big neck size (17 inch bigger in men and 16 inch in women)
  • Large tonsils, tongue and small jaw
  • Genes of sleep apnea
  • GERD
  • Nasal obstructions (deviated septum, sinus issues, allergies)

There is a natural and simple way to have better sleep and rest. Just get some of these plants and relax in the bedroom.

  1. Snake plant- this plant releases oxygen during the night and day too, so it makes the air better for breathing.
  2. Lavender- the lavender relaxes you and was used as such centuries back thus removes stress and anxiety. Also it slows down the pulse and makes you more soothed.
  3. English ivy- this one is easy to grow and makes air better too. It gets all the air toxins and releases oxygen. Also it removes mold by 94%.
  4. Aloe vera- in the night, aloe gives oxygen too and cures insomnia as well.

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