Renew Tendons, Bones And Joints In 1 Week

Bad posture is the main cause of pain in the legs, back and joints, experts say.

First, you must improve this posture and here we have the best recipe for a home cure that can renew the tendons, joints and bones.

The method lasts for a week and is great in case you have chronic pain in back and limbs.


Take 150 g edible gelatin and mix 2 tbsp gelatin with 50 ml cold water. Let this sit overnight and it will also turn to jelly.

In the morning, add in some juice, yoghurt, milk or fruits and teas for the taste. Drink this daily for a week.


The gelatin aids in soothing pain in the mentioned areas and the results are well seen after the first week. To restore the health in back and arms, and legs, repeat this after 30 days and again after 6 months.

Why is gelatin good for this?

First, this is natural and is gotten from processing bones, tissues and cartilages of big animals. Hydroxyproline and proline are the amino acids in the gelatin that make better growth and healing of connective tissues and this is amazing for weak joints and bones.

Gelatin is a good cure and has these benefits:

  • Stronger joints and heart
  • Better metabolism
  • Better mental alertness
  • Good complexion
  • Elasticity and stronger ligaments and tendons
  • Better hair and skin
  • Cured osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
  • Treating dysplasia

Try this at home and relieve the pain you feel. After a week you will be speachless.

After a month you will feel great and there will be no more pain.

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