Prevent Heart Attacks In Natural Ways. Also Reverse Heart Issues

The heart issues are the main cause for deaths in USA and this is due to blocking in arteries and bad blood flow.

But, this can be prevented with a healthy diet and less stress, but also more workouts.

The 10 foods for prevention to heart issues and attacks, and regulation of cholesterol


It has many phytonutrients and makes nitric oxide. This makes the blood flow better too.


This juice is amazing and has lots of vitamin C and antioxidants too. Also this can stop vessel damage and pressure will be regulated too. Experts said that daily having this juice, at least 2 glasses will give you many nutrients needed. Also this will stop heart issues in the future.


This fish is amazing and has many healthy acids and fats. Also such fatty acids stop inflammation and remove bad cholesterol.


These give many unsaturated fats, fat acids and omega 3 acids too. All these make the memory better and brain work better too. Eat nuts daily and decrease bad cholesterol, keep joints healthy and heart healthy too.


This spice has curcuma and this is the active item here. This removes inflammation and fat deposits too. Have often turmeric powder and make tea of this too.


This fruit makes more nitric oxide and also cleans the vessels good.

Whole grains

Experts said that brown rice, grain breads and oats are cleaning the vessels and stop heart problems. Whole grains have fibers and regulate the cholesterol.

Green tea

This has catechins and antioxidants. Also heart is safer this way. Have green tea daily, at least a few cups and remove bad cholesterol while you boost the metabolism. Experts say that 2 cups or 3 are enough.


They are loaded with potassium and regulate the cholesterol. Heart issue developing is lowered by 40% with this fruit. Have 2 glasses per day.


Really healthy and nutritious too. Has many healthy fats and removes bad cholesterol fast.

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