A 10 Minute Routine For The Abs That Burns Fat Like Half Hour Run

For weight loss and removal of fat excess the belly is the first body part to get slimmer.

In our daily lives, we use arms and legs and they can be thinner naturally, but the belly is not so active often. Fats build up there so you have to have a healthy diet, workouts and melt those fats.

This is happening even if we pay attention and is more seen in women. And we get belly fat when we lose weight and do not workout too.

Just cardio is never enough to lose weight in the belly and to make muscles too, apart from diet and workouts you have to make other changes too.

These workouts will make the belly muscles stronger and melt the fat easier.


The best and most famous one

Butterfly crunch

Lie down and pull the knees up. Feet are flat down and feet are toward each other. If you are beginner, feet are on the floor. Tighten the abs and raise the torso away of the floor. Hold this shortly and return to first pose. One rep is 3 seconds. The hands are anywhere comfortable.


This workout is not mobile and is more static. No reps either here. But is making the abs really ripped and strong. Lie on the belly and elbows are on the ground, forearms in front of you. Flex the abs and lift them off. Toes are on the ground, back is flat.

Front plank

The body is straight and hold it like this for half a minute. For the obliques, start with one elbow and turn to the side. Face is toward the floor and hips are elevated.


This is complex and is like both cardio and toning. Lie down flat on the back and hands are behind the head. Flex the abs and raise the left knee while you touch the right elbow. Switch sides. Do both sides as one rep. every rep is 3 seconds and do 15 reps.

The routine

Do this in 1 take. Total time is 90 seconds and rest for 30. Do 6 reps. If you need more rest time, take it. You have to be safe from injuries foremost.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com