Doctors Are Silent On This Secret – Learn How To Heal The Thyroid

Lately, many people have thyroid issues. This gland is vital since every body cell depends on the thyroid.

It can be recovered and made healthy with a good diet, workouts, rest and less stress too. Modern medicine offers meds but we have natural ways and methods.

Try out these:

Coconut oil

This oil boosts the metabolism and makes you lose weight too. Also immunity gets better. Have 1 tsp daily.

Bone broth

This drink cures the mucus in the intestines and also boosts immunity. This is vital for overall health and the best dose is 1 cup per day. Add salt or pepper, algae flakes or spices if you like.

Seaweed and sea veggies

Such veggies are rich in iodine and other nutrients.

More vitamin A, D and K2

Studies shown that thyroid issue patients have less of these vitamins than other people. Consider supplements or foods rich in the mentioned vitamins.

No gluten

This makes autoimmune reactions and even Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, autoimmune joint illness on the thyroid. Also no peanuts and peanut butter to avoid the goitrogens.

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