Make Ginger In An Old Fashioned Way And Use It As Cure For Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Cancer, Arthritis And More…

Ginger is one of the best items nowadays and it was primarily popular in Asian and Indian cultures.

It has many uses and it can treat flu, cold, arthritis and stomach issues too. Also it relieves pain in the back and muscles and levels the glucose and cholesterols too. Also many studies proved that this is good for arthritis and pain, and the blood flow gets better.

How to make this cure? Read on and see the health issues affected:

You need:

  • 200 g ginger
  • 50 ml lime juice
  • ½ cup sparkling water
  • 50 g honey
  • 450 ml water


Boil water and ginger and cook on low heat for 5 min then remove from heat and let it cool for 20 min. now make the syrup in another bowl and mix half of the previous mix with sparkling water and add the lime juice and honey for aroma.

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