An alternative cancer cure that helped more than 45,000 people

This cure for cancer is alternative and helps in many cancer cases even in those that were last stages cancers. Those people who had late stage cancers and took chemo, radiation and more, should not try the listed natural cures below just as precaution.

Breuss theory

Rudolph Breuss of Austria said that cancer cells can survive in a solid food when ingested. He published 3 books and described his cancer methods for curing. One of these books even got translated in  5 languages. He said the natural cure for cancer has helped more than 45000 people.

What is this method?

He said in his books that cancer cells can be killed when the man eats only organic produce juices and teas for 42 days.

Or, his theories included strict 42 regime with some veggie juices and teas and this means the cancer will starve to death. This does not impact the healthy cells.

Also, Breuss stated the cancer people who took this cure did not had anything else for food or drink in those 42 days. This way, cancer starved and healthy cells remained intact.

Precisely, he gave some rules about making and drinking these beverages.

Even more, Breuss Total Cancer Treatment has NO sugars. Experts say that sugar eating can be fuel for the cancer! So, Breuss said juices stop cancer growth.

There is no science evidence that this is 100% magical and effective, but is not harmful for sure.

The recipe

You need:

  • 55% beet
  • 20% celery root
  • 20% carrots
  • 2% radishes
  • 3% potatoes


Put them all in blender and blend/juice.

How to make the most of this?

Some people say ion water is also good here and other think regular water is better. Some think ion water is sipped just as any tea, and the others say this is to be taken hour prior and after the tea.

Also, cancer people must know about the Essiac Tea and filtered green tea that both combat cancers.

Also, this protocol must be added as part of the diet since it can give many benefits.

More tips:

Cancer patients that want this diet must be supported by the family members in this regime.

After the 42 days, they must take a few items to make up for the nutrient deficits:

  • Berry young juice or Goji juice of Young Living
  • Tahitian noni juice
  • XanGo mangosteen
  • Vibe of Eniva
  • Essense health bend

Also get 2-3 of these above and go along with the Breuss method, or just take them RIGHT after you stop with Breuss method.

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