Why Pineapple Juice Is 500% Better Than A Cough Syrup?

Did you know this juice is even 500% better than a regular medicine or syrup as far as cough goes? This is true and is a fact that this fruit has bromelain, an enzyme that kills inflammation and combats any bacteria. The pineapple juice..

Half vitamin C daily dose

One glass of this juice is half of the needed vitamin C per day and this vitamin is vital since it makes you metabolize some other enzymes and boosts metabolism with more energy.

Manganese source

Apart from the C and bromelain, this juice also has manganese, best for absorbing calcium, metabolizing carbs and fats to energy and healthy nerve states.

Bromelain kills inflammation

Also it is aid that bromelain gets absorbed in us right away and this kills the inflammation like with arthritis for example. In Germany, this item is approved officially for inflammation and swelling of the nose in post-surgery states.

Get unprocessed juice and not cough medicines

If you have a bad cough and irritation, or just a cold, you will be better with this rather than meds. Get pineapple right away! This juice also costs less, is effective and natural and chemical free for more nutrients.

It combats mucus

This juice soothes irritation and coughs but also loosens mucus too. Back in 2010, a study was made for more discoveries in tuberculosis and was said in Der Pharma Chemica that this juice when mixed with honey, salt, pepper and taken daily, CAN loosen mucus in the lungs caused by the mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Cough relief- fast!

Recent studies said this fruit extract can remove mucus 5 times better than OTC drugs in drugstores, so in case of mucus deposits, this helps .8 times faster.

Why not make a juice?

Some pineapple juices on sales have sugars and chemicals and if you are on a diet, and watch the weight, it is better to opt for natural and not sweetened juice. Even better, get a juicer and make the juice yourself.

Fast and easy pineapple juice for cough

Here is the recipe for a natural health booster.

You need:

  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • Lemon juice ¼ cup
  • Ginger piece 3 inch
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • ½ tsp cayenne


Add them all in a juicer or blender and that is all! No more coughs and mucus!

See the video:

Source and image source: justnaturallyhealthy.com