9 Ways To Use Lemons For A Detox

These days we live in a world full of chemicals and toxins and this is bad for our health.

This is in big amounts and all around us, so these toxins affect our wellbeing.

Many ways exist to help in this removal of toxins. We have the best ways for a detox with just 1 item.

Lemons make a good detox for the body and can be used in many ways for this. They detox you, give nutrients and benefits too.

They have vitamin C and this removes chemicals and toxins, while it gives you energy.

How to get more lemons daily and their benefits too?

Smoothie for breakfast

Since this meal is the best of the day, you have to eat what gives you energy/ so, boost metabolism and improve digestion. Mix some lemon wedges and lemon juice and make a smoothie.

Lemon and juice

Add this lemon in the juices and add a nice flavor.

Lemon and ginger for winter

This mix is another great method for a detox and stopping flu and colds. Mix 2 inch ginger and 2 lemons, have it like a shot.

Lemon and turmeric paste

Mix this powder with lemon juice and make a great paste for the toxin removal of the skin.

Lemon water

Add lemon wedges and cucumber slices in the water you drink.

Flavor in food

Add lemon juice in the meals and give them more aroma and less salt.


Add this juice In the tea and have an elixir.

Salad dressing

Make homemade dressings that are healthy. Mix olive oil, lemon juice and honey.

Lemon tonic

This tonic is amazing and will be your favorite. Mix 1 lemon juice, cold water and ½ tbsp. honey and 1 tbsp ACV. Add pinch pepper and drink up.

Source and image source: healthyfoodhouse.com