The Foods Of China You Had No Idea Are From There!

There are many studies that show how China makes fake rice of plastic and this is widely heard but we all do nothing about it.

Even a bit of plastic can damage our hormones a lot and the digestive system too. The chemical called BPA imitates the estrogen and this peaks when we eat BPA. This fake rice means risk of breast cancer.

We hear all the time about Chinese innovations of food.

But many things are to be considered. First, it is the other world side and we do not know what happens there and with the shipping too or if the food is polluted.

Also the Chinese make it fake and cheap a lot so these methods are the same as for toys, technology items and more.

This is too much and we can just research and inform you, and this is enough for a start. Avoid Chinese foods.

Tilapia fish

The common Chinese fish tilapia. This is so unhealthy and toxic that is unreal. This fish eats anything and every toxin. So it lives in a small water pool and it is full of waste too. The fish farmers are said to stop giving the kids this fish of farming, and the kids in USA eat such foods by whole 80%.

Cod fish

Another bad Chinese farmed fish is the cod and also it lives in waste areas! 50% of cods in USA are fake and Chinese.

Chinese apple juice

This juice has 50% of the total juices in USA. China still hasn’t managed to remove the pesticides of foods yet. Remove this juice of the diet.

Processed mushrooms

Toxic Chinese mushrooms were uncovered by USA experts. Some even label them as organic to get more and more profits. Many Chinese mushrooms are fake and you can discover this by just browsing the internet. So far 34% of US mushrooms are Chinese. See the labels and sources always.

Chinese garlic

Another food that is examined by USA experts. This garlic is chemical sprayed and has a strange taste. This garlic is 31% of all garlic in USA.


The USA experts for Agriculture allowed the chicken of China in USA back in 2013. Many experts still doubt these chickens since many problems arise from them like avian flu that is normal in China. Also, China makes the most pesticides and is even polluted by the industries.

Plastic rice

This fake rice is probably made of resin and potatoes. And it cannot be cooked regularly, and thus it is still hard. Beware this rice causes cancer.

Mud as black pepper

Chinese people sell more mud than pepper and this is astonishing! Americans also have low standards similar to the Chinese for this matter.

Industrial salt

This salt is bad for eating and is salt for table salt use for 13 whole years. This can cause physical and mental issues, reproduction problems and hypothyroid.

Green peas

Another Chinese disaster. They were discovered in 2005 but still are made! The Chinese use soybeans, snow pea, green colors and chemicals like bleach-sodium metabisulfite for making these peas. The color used here is banned since it can cause cancer an stop your body from making calcium and using it too. If you boil them they do not get softer and the water just gets green.

Chinese food is the worst food in the planet. It is laced with chemicals, toxins, pesticides and it comes of the most polluted earth area. The Chinese air is toxic, even 70% of their rivers are polluted and the industries leave a load of toxins behind that leaks in the nature.

A study of 2015 stated that breathing the Beijing air can damage the lungs like smoking 2 packs a day!

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