Make This Drink And Remove Mucus Of The Lungs – Get Better Immunity Too

The immunity is our shield for the health. With it we are safe against viruses, diseases, bacteria, attacks and microorganisms of food and many other things too. So immunity keeps our organs safe and healthy with other issues too.

The lungs are really crucial since they bring oxygen to every cell during breathing and as we exhale we release carbon dioxide. If the nose has mucus inside, the whole breathing is disturbed. With this drink the immunity gets better, mucus of lungs is cleared and kids can consume this too. Effects are seen right away.

Since kids are always near dirt and ground, toys and other things they can get more often sicker. They have weak undeveloped immunity and are fragile. Cold and flu are often seen in kids. If this lasts a long time, it means the lungs have too much mucus in them.

The body makes this mucus daily, up to 2 liters. We spit this out for the most part, but in case of flu and cold, the paths are blocked and we also get allergies. If this goes on more, the mucus is thick and green and we need medical help.

Our immunity, when boosted, can chase off those problems and lower the risk of getting germs, bacteria, parasites and viruses too. Our lymph nodes also keep the cells healthy against attacks. And, the bone marrow also makes us strong and our cells strong.

The immunity also counts in the spleen, for the white blood cells and the blood total amount. So, immunity kills viruses and makes more antibodies too. Try our mucus clearing recipe.

You need:

  • 100 ml water
  • 100 g honey
  • 1 inch ginger
  •  4 tbsp lemon juice
  • 50 g oats


Rinse the oats and add the ginger and water to them. Boil this shortly and let it cool aside. Add honey and lemon and let this sit overnight. Refrigerate for tops a week.


When you wake up, have 40 ml of this mix and then the breakfast. Do this for 40 days. Pause 14 days and also give this to kids.

For a faster process, use steam too. Make a water in a pot boil and bend over it with a towel over the head.

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