The Best 10 Rituals To Start The Morning – Get A Healthier Body, Mind And Metabolism After 5 Minutes

Every morning you can do some simple and good rituals for good health and great mood, also a fit line! They are:

Wake up right on time

No more snooze. Late means being not as effective as you planned and the day will be full of stress. Sleeping 10 minutes more solves nothing, it can just turn you into a more anxious and reckless person. Find a good alarm tune and be more energetic after waking up.

Morning workouts

If you workout every morning, you will feel more awake and boost better heart beat and blood flow. You get more energy this way and start the day right.


You are more productive all day long with calm head and body. Find 5 min anywhere to meditate and relax. Put chill music on, breathe deep and have mental focus and energy.


After sleeping you might feel stiff and the lymph might be slowed down. Stretch in the mornings and activate every organ and muscle, also reduce stress and have better blood flow. Stretch from the top down and move from the neck, shoulders, chest and back, quads and calves.

Internal clock

Everyone has internal clock that alarms you when you need to eat, sleep, rest and more. If we sleep more than 9 hours we have more melatonin hormone compared to the rest.

Have lemon water

Have a cup of this every morning before eating to be more alkaline and improve digestion, reduce cravings, cleanse and energize yourself.

Iron breakfast

This is the most vital meal of the day and must have iron to feed you properly. Deficit in this mineral will make you lazy and you get less oxygen in every tissue. Eat peanut butter, eggs, green leafy veggies, beans, butter, also OJ and lemon juice, for the vitamin C and iron absorbing due to it.

Dress like you feel said you must always dress like you feel. Wear comfy clothes or dress as your mood is for the day to feel good and positive.

Never oversleep weekends

Even during the weekends, follow the routines. This means responsible schedule following and no more hating Mondays and Sundays.

Read in bed

Avoid gadgets and electronics near the bed where you sleep. Smartphones, laptops, PCs, everything further away! Have a book nearby, listen to music and relax then fall asleep.

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