Heal The Kidneys With The Help Of Baking Soda

The sodium bicarbonate is essential and solid crystal. It is white and like powder. Also the taste is salty and is alkaline too.

The natural deposits of this item were used even in ancient Egypt for hieroglyphs and making paint. Austin Church and John Dwight of New York, made the first soda factory back in 1846.

Heal kidneys

These days this soda is used for many things like cooking, cleaning, shampoo, toothpaste and even for curing.

The medical benefits of soda

  • Water and soda is great as antacid
  • It raises pH levels
  • Allergies of poison ivy and sumac are treated with water-soda paste
  • Splinter removal
  • Kidney failure is cured with this

The body, or also the kidneys and pancreas make soda for safety of the kidneys. If we have a decline in this production, the acid will pile up inside and make troubles with the neutralization of pH.

Here is where cell damage starts and we are in need of curing to remove the excess acid and also get more oxygen, nutrients and water.

Those with kidney diseases usually have low sodium bicarbonate. This is called metabolic acidosis and 3 million people have it this way in the UK. Of them, 37.800 need renal replacement surgery but this can even reach the cost of $45.165 in a year.

A study of the Royal London hospital proved something in a clinical study. The British doctors said the soda can slow down kidney issues.

They said that this good result is due to the baking soda. A group of 134 people said the tablet daily helped a lot, and at this time they had the problem already.

The pill is made with a bit sodium bicarbonate and also this had to be taken for a whole year. The group had 2/3 less decline in health than the rest. Experts say that this is the best and also cheapest way to improve health in kidneys.

Since the soda is not a drug or medicine per se, no one tried this so far. Experts say that there is more testing to come yet.

Source and image source: secretnutritions.com