All The Benefits Of Avocado Seed

The avocado is really healthy and filled with nutrients. Many people still do not know this, but this is super food. Sadly, we throw the seeds and eat just the meat inside.

Read this article and never again throw the seeds. Unlike other seeds of fruits, this one has cyanide. The avocado seed has tannins and polyphenols too that are found in red wine and green tea as well.

The avocado seeds

This seed has antioxidants and nutrients more than other veggies and fruits. There was a study in 2013, in Scientific World Journal and it was said that the seed extract in doses below 250 mk/kg is good and safe and is not toxic.

As to this study, a stone can hold 70% of all antioxidants of avocados, and here are included the polyphenols similar to the green tea.

The fruit avocado was studied a lot due to the healthy benefits to the heart health and the ability to make good blood lipids. It also has potassium, crucial for the heart and blood pressure. The avocado also has lutein that keeps under control the oxidation stress and inflammation.

  • The seeds can aid in diarrhea and constipation
  • It cures gastric ulcer and it has many fibers that aid the digestion, thus cancer can also be prevented.
  • This seed is rich in antioxidants and the extract also impacts the LDL cholesterol, the bad type, but the triglycerides are not increased and HDL good cholesterol is not lowered.
  • Stops inflammation
  • The seed has flavanol that stops tumors.
  • Safety against flu and cold
  • Makes the skin rejuvenated and you are energized
  • Better immunity. The polyphenols and antioxidants make the immunity great and even stop arthritis.

Fighting cancer

The phenols are chemical items that are in many plants and this means avocado has them too, and its seeds. This seed has 4 types polyphenols like proanthocyanidins flavonoid, flavanol glycosides, flavanol monomer and even hydroxycinnamic acid.

Experts claimed they noted the aprocyandin trimers, 3-0-caffeoylquinic acid and even 3-op-coumaroylquinic acid.  They all fight cancer and are antioxidants so the liver can be healthier too. Also the seed can treat myeloid leukemia in lab tests.

Now you see that when you eat avocado you must not throw the seeds. The seed is hard but, processing it the right way is not hard.

Remove the seed and place it in plastic zip bag. With a heavy blunt object, smash the bag and crush the seed. In the end you will get powder seed to add in smoothies, salads and juices. Also, you can add it in blended soups and mashes.

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