Avoid These Foods In Case Of Heart Issues And Pressure

To have a good diet is the best way to be healthy. Bad foods can damage the heart and impair the vessels in blood. Eating a lot of sodium can be the first reason for heart issues.

Avoid these foods to be healthier

Table salt

Too much salt can cause blood flow issues. Also the salt keeps excess water and causes kidney damages and heart/brain problems.

Fast food and fries

Average serving of fries has 19 g fat, 270 mg sodium and this slows the digestion.


Sodas and such juices have lots of sugar. This was claimed in a study that confirmed sodas increase the pressure. This was claimed by the America Heart Association diary Circulation.


The alcohol decreases blood supplies. A South Korea study said this is the main cause for mortality.

Red meat

Limit junk foods and red meat with trans fats. All items of red meat impair the heart and veins.

Processed meat

Such meats are bologna, frankfurter, wieners, bacon and similar. This makes hypertension and replace these with chicken, turkey and such.


They have almost no calories and lots of sodium. Medium pickle has 570 mg sodium. The best dose daily is 230 mg and one pickle is 1/3 of the daily dose.


Sugary treats cause hypertension.


In one doughnut there is 200 calories and 12 g fat so avoid them!


We all use this for cooking, so we must use high heat to cook it and this makes more nickel, aluminum and platinum damages.

Canned chicken noodle soups

The best thing to eat is canned chicken right? But this is loaded with salt and in 1 serve you have 800 mg salt.

Canned biscuits

Such biscuits are seasoned a lot. Check the labels and make sure there are no hydrogenated oils.


In one Ramen there is 14 g fat and 1580 mg sodium.

Frozen pot pie

One such pie has 1400 mg sodium and 35 g fat.


Every pizza type has lots of salt, especially cheddar.

Items to lower the hypertension

To achieve this, have many fibers like:

  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Grain oats
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Breads

All these are amazing and have minerals and vitamins

  • Natural veggies and items that have potassium reduce the pressure. This means more lima beans, bananas, spinach, oranges and tomatoes.
  • Herbs and spices like thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano and sage.

Source and image source: secretnutritions.com