Recognize Plastic Rice

China makes more of 200 tons rice per year so this means it is the biggest producer of rice in the world, but a recent study proved that the Korean Times said the Chinese rice is made with plastic (plastic rice).

They make the rice of potato starch and plastic, then this is steamed and given a rice aroma. After more studying was said that this rice also has plastic as a plastic bag!

This differs from real rice and this is the good thing. See these tips:

Mortar and pestle

Crush some grains and see if it becomes like white powder. Then this is organic. If there is a yellow stain, throw it!


Light some rice kernels and if they burn, the rice is fake.


Put 1 tbsp rice in glass with water, the organic rice will go to the bottom.


Get handful rice and cook it. Put it in a plastic container and let it sit on a sunny place for some days. The organic rice will be moldy after 2 days and the fake will remain the same.

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