Reverse Smoking Damage And MSG With A Natural Item

The taurine is an amino acid we all have in the body, or in tissues with excitable cells like nerves and heart muscles. This acid regulates minerals and salts and goes along magnesium for a good pulse and heartbeat. Also, it stops damage to the nervous system. It can be also found in proteins and helps in all processes with potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium too. The taurine is also named longevity nutrient since it is one! The Japanese ingest this a lot and this is why they have longevity.

Reversal of damage due to monosodium glutamate MSG

The taurine can be an antidote for MSG poisoning. The MSG is chemical group that is called excitotoxin. It passes the blood barrier and makes more neurons in the brain damaged and even killed. So it can  lower the cognition and intelligence.

Smoking damage reversal

It was found that taurine, found also in fish, can make vessels in smokers healthy again and stop the arteries to harden. This is vital since hard arteries can lead to a stroke or heart issues.

The Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association AHA claimed in a study that such supplements are even better than vitamin C as far as flow-mediated dilation goes. This dilation is common in smokers and hinders the endothelial nitric oxide.

M.D. David Bouchier-Hayes and his team of Royal College Of Surgeons, Dublin, said that nitric oxide is vital for heart work like oxidative modification in LDL, platelets aggregation and smooth vascular muscle proliferation. As to them, this oxide triggered response in brachial arteries of smokers.

Heart issues

The taurine can erase bad effects of glucose, insulin too. Also it can prevent strokes, attacks and atherosclerosis by keeping the heart healthy and vessels healthy too.

More taurine benefits

  • Relieves insomnia, irritability, migraines, agitation, depression
  • Reverses tinnitus
  • Makes more physical stamina and performance
  • Prevention of fatty liver
  • Good mental health
  • Less insulin sensitivity
  • Stops diabetes side effects (retinopathy, neuropathy, kidney damage)
  • Good for the vision, hearing and bones

Taurine sources

Our bodies make this with help of some enzymes, minerals and vitamins too. Sources are sea food, meat and dairy too. Also boost this level by supplements use, but wisely.

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