Experts From Amsterdam Killed The Breast Cancer Tumors With No Chemo And In 11 days!

The European experts have made an amazing discovery for breast cancer cases.

1 of 8 women will develop this cancer, sadly, in this lifetime. But these studies have proved that this cancer can be cured or removed.

The discovery

The study made by prof. Nigel Bundred of European Breast cancer Conference, Amsterdam, stated that the effectiveness of drugs like Herceptin was tested, but also Lapatinib.

These drugs are known as breast cancer drugs but for the first time they were mixed together before the surgery and before the chemo. It was found that even a few breast cancer types can be removed in just 11 days.

This was funded by the Cancer Research UK and their aim was to fight the HER2 protein or human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 and this impacts the growth of cancer cells and other cancer types.

What makes this amazing is because after this there is no need for chemo or surgeries. The side effects last a while and they are hair loss, nausea and vomiting or fatigue too, but they pass soon. Also the chemo is not fully good so it is less and less popular for patients.

The results

Even 257 women with the HER2 breast cancer were chosen for this study. And half of them got the drug mix and the other was control group. It was found that those on the drug had 11% less cancer cells after 14 days. And 17% of all cases had less tumors.

In comparison to the control group that had only Herceptin, they had 0% traces of cancer and just 3% had less tumors. So the drug combo really reduced the cancer cells, better than separately.

This issue now means that Herceptin can be used JUST with chemo, never by itself.

There is more to be studied.. But we hope this is a major step toward better healing of such a deadly illness. Let us hope these improvements increase by the year and we see more benefits soon.

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