Conceive A Baby Boy – All The Tips!

Couples that tried to have a baby and still try to have a boy, must read this. Everyone has various reasons for this, but the main is the continuation of the family in the future and that is why male babies are more desired in some cultures.

There is no expert opinion or proof to secure this theory, but this method can at least help you a little bit more for the baby boy. These methods are tested and tried and people say they are pleased with the results.

The baby boy

See all the tips and pay attention:

Sex on an odd day

Have sex on an odd day because it is believed the sperm is better on such days and stronger than the female cells.

Chinese calendar

Many trust that calculating is made with a Chinese calendar and the correctness is 99%. Trust this calendar as far as the gender goes. This calendar is precise if you consider the mother’s age, the conceiving month and pregnancy tests results.

Diet plan

Both people must consider these foods: red meat, fish, raisins, salty foods and have also alkaline foods.

No acidic foods

With this said, explore all foods that cause acidity.

Never skip breakfast

The first and best meal of the day. Both partners must eat this meal unless they want a girl.

Eat heavy

If the woman wants a baby boy she has to eat a lot. This way she gets more energy and more chances of baby boy.

Sleeping on left side

Sleep this way and the face must be toward the North Side.

Deep penetration

The sperm must go in deep in the vagina to increase the pregnancy chances in the first place.

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