Vitamin B17 Is Forbidden – Reason?! It Can Cure Cancer!

One major medical and health  organization is hiding that the cure for cancer is actually vitamin b17! This is the American Medical Organization, Food and Drug administration and American Cancer society too altogether forbade movies, articles and any matter on this subject!

Another thing is that doctors using this vitamin as cure, have all been sued in court.

One woman got the courage to use this by herself as self-medication method. She got in the habit of taking B17 and she saw results shortly after this.

When she stopped this vitamin, the cancer was back slowly. Basically, this vitamin is a nutshell of apricot kernels and with the right dose, it is a miracle cure.

She rejected the chemo option and took this instead. After 10 weeks, 500 mg in a day, she killed the malignant tumors inside and cured the cancer.


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