What Is The Poop Saying About The Health

The poop really can give lots of info on the health we have even if it sounds gross and funny.

Doctors often need people to tell them about the bowels and how they work, what the poop looks like, is it hard or pebbly and so on.

Many studies are out there for the poop and this is linked to chronic health issues and bowels bacteria.

Also it was studied how that bacteria inside influences our mood or behavior.

Pay attention to:

  • Do you know the look of it? The color brown comes from all the food digested inside and nutrients of it. The regular bowels are crucial for a good health since the body removes the waste that we do not need.


If there are lumps separately, this means you lack fibers and fluids. Also, you must eat more veggies and fruits and drink water.

If it is smooth like sausage shape, it is normal and the health is good.

If it is liquid and watery, it means you have diarrhea and infection. Have liquids and be hydrated.

If the shape is sausage and lumpy, this is not bad but you need more fibers and water.

If it is soft and like blobs with clear edges this is normal, you just need more water.

A fluffy poop is normal too and might be more serious or diarrhea even.

Soft poop that is sticky on the toilet means you did not get all the fats from the food and you ate too much fatty food. This is the cause of chronic pancreatic disease.

Shade of poop

Brown is a normal color.

Green is too much veggies and leafy greens.

Yellow means excess fat and malabsorption like celiac.

Black means internal bleeding from ulcer or cancer. Also this is due to supplements like bismuth subsalicylate or iron. See a doctor for this.

Clay color means some medication reaction.

Red or bloody is serious and might be cancer.

Poop facts

The food we eat it takes 3 days to completely be gone. The poop has bacteria, dead cells, mucus and unprocessed food inside.

Healthy poop cannot sink easily.

It is normal to poop 1-2 times per day more or less.

To keep the poop healthy, eat more foods with fibers, 25 g for example, workout and have lots of water.

Source and image source: naturalhealthyteam.com