Have This Juice To Remove Belly Fat After A Week!

Many health issues are due to abdomen fat and excess weight too. The latest results of WHO are the higher risk of chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. More people lately fight this issue and cannot remove excess belly fat.

Stats say that more than 2 billion people are obese. And this is 30% of the population! Or 55 of the deaths are due to this reason. The issue is seriously grave and must be handled fast to prevent future problems.

Those that have belly fat are usually starting harsh diets and even liposuction. But, there are other ways than torture and losing money. Try and see something new. Read on below more.

Bye belly fat!

After waking up, be attentive to what you choose to eat for a good shape. Choose wisely and serve small portions. Eat veggies, fruits, whole foods and remove sweets, sugars and similar. Be committed!

We have a great recipe for you that will burn the fat and make you feel good. Just get a cucumber, 3 pineapple pieces, parsley and celery. Wash them all and blend them. Have this before eating in the morning. DO NOT sweeten it. Have it for 15 minutes and get all the nutrients.

Do not consume after 15 minutes since it is blended. Drink up right away!

The belly will shrink fast! See it for yourself!

Source and image source: homehealthyrecipes.com