A Russian Doctor Stated The Immunity Will Recovery In 15 Seconds After This

If you have flu and colds all the time, you must try the recipe for better immunity. A Russian doctor Sergei Bubnovskiy made a new method to remove the chronic colds and flus.

As to him, you must soak the feet in an ice cold water bath for 15 seconds before bed. This makes the immunity boosted. This strange method can activate the body more and fight the flu and colds.

Just do these things:

Get a basin and fill it with ice cold water. Add ice too. Dip the feet and hold for 15 seconds. To make the immunity better, repeat this every night. Also, this is good for fragile people that are unhealthy. They must do this in every 4 hours.

A study in the Virginia University said this cold water strengthens the norepinephrine – similar to the adrenaline.

More ice water benefits:

Great skin

This therapy is the best for making skin fresh again. Hot water dries the skin and cold one makes it younger. Blood flow is also better and skin is tighter, pores are smaller and wrinkles show less.

Shinier hair

The cold water can close the cuticles of the hair and you will have no frizz, and more shiny hairs.

Sore muscles

To make muscles soothed, soak them in cold water.


Cold water is impacting the skin, so take a cold bath and combat depression. The mood is altered and better due to the adrenalin after the ice shock.

Source and image source: myhealthyfeed.com