Detox After 48 Hours From Every Body Poison With Our Plan!

Do you feel tired and have darker skin under the eyes? Is the body tired and the look too? Then you must have too much toxins inside that must be removed. Only then you will be healthy against viruses and flu. And you will be more energized and vital.

Our plan for you is a weekend detox great for the overall health. This is good for the lungs, kidneys, liver, lymph and intestines too. It has many fluids, potatoes, meat and low fat items. Sounds really tasty. Do this 2 times per year and it can last 10 days. If you like it that much, do it few times yearly.

For even better results, use dandelion, nettle and birch. And, workout!

The plan

After waking up, have 240 ml water.

Saturday: start with warm water, cup oats, 1 spoon linseed, 250 ml green team blueberries ½ cup, 200 ml yoghurt. For lunch 250 ml water, salad of tomato, arugula, vegies, hake grilled 250 g, Swiss chard and potatoes, olive oil, banana and melon slice. For a snack get 250 ml, 180 ml yoghurt,  and pumpkin seed ¼. And for dinner 250 ml water and anise tea, grill tuna 150 g, ½ cup veggies steamed, integral pastry and broccoli and spinach.

Sunday: start as before. Have oats 1 cup, linseed spoonful, 200 ml almond milk, or pear and yoghurt. Have also green tea. For lunch have 250 ml water, soup with potato, bean, onion, carrot and celery. Then have chicken 200 mg and 150 g pickles. For dinner have nettle tea, integral pastry and beets with lemon and carrots.

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