Pepsi And Coca Cola Are Used Like Pesticides In India. Because They Are Effective And Cheap!

Alok Prasad Putul said that in India, many farmers use these soft drinks as pesticides! They are poison for our human bodies, so they are used as another kind of poison in India.

The CSE  is the leading voluntary agency in India that confirmed this soda usage as unacceptable due to the toxin content. And still farmers keep on using it.

It is much cheaper to use this drink in those countries and is much easier than getting clean water. The coca cola used propaganda to make buyers buy more and thus the result is more pollution, more diseases and water deficits.

Coke was tested on many cleaning issues and is compared to even brands for stains, paint and grout cleaning. CSE back in 2003 tested samples of 12 soft drinks and found that all of them have toxins, pesticides and insecticides. Their names are DDT, lindane, malathion and chlorpyrifos.

The study further claimed that the last one, or its levels were higher by 42 times than normally by EEC. Malathion was 87 times and lindane 21, thus banned in USA.

They say that every sample is toxic and can even cause cancer, bad immunity, birth defect and damage of reproductive and nerve system. Both these sodas are similar in toxins levels and their pollutants are 45 times higher than EEC. Pepsi is 37 times more!

The Indian chiefs of the sodas negate these theories and the coca cola India president, Gupta, said the CSE results are not fair and they wanted a media trial.

Both these companies do not agree that their items are pesticides and they negate this blaming.

Some farmers even said and sworn on the efficiency of these sodas for rice gardens and insects attacking them. This was a trend in many Indian areas. It became more and more popular and especially in villages. 1 liter Nuvocron, Avant or Tracer is 10.000 rupees or 120 pounds. And 1.5 liter soda is 30 rupees. For one acre you will need 270 rupees!

If a farmer mixes pepsi or coke and water, it will be 60 rupees tops for maximum an acre. That is why sodas have this usage in that country.

Sharm a farming expert said farmers are confused for this drink and the use for gardening. He claims this is just sugar and if you put it on the crop it will get more red ants and feed on larvae.

Coca cola is not the spotlight, more the Thumbs Up and Pepsi. They are mainly water and sugar, but producers add citric acids and phosphorus too for the taste.

Sharma further says this sugar used for pests is nothing new for farmers and it was known before.

Thakur, another expert said this is the case because the plant is hit by sugars immediately and carbs too, thus immunity is boosted and crops better.

The USA coke has too much fructose and this coke is even better as pesticide. The pepsi manager, A. Verma said the sales in rural areas are more by 20%.

H.B. Mathur and S. Johnson , CSE experts said the producers of sodas get the water of groundwater sources and add many toxins too.

This residue was noted in New Delhi when CPCB and CGWB made a study for too much fluoride, salinity and nitrate apart from cadmium, lead and chromium.


The labs of CSE tested many samples of sodas in USA and did not find residue. Above 95% of USA sodas have suspicious water used in them and it contains toxins like: trimethoprim, gemfbrozil, estrone, sulfamethoxazole, carbamazepine, antenolol, atrazine, arsenic and fluoride too.

Also CSE found the rules for soda making industries are less effective than for making bottled water. Those norms are not equal for every drink made in the market and thus rules are not obeyed.

This sector of soft drinks is really irregular that is even exempted from industrial licenses – Act 1951.

We know the coca cola is nothing organic and natural, but is better than other soda poisons.

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