9 Types Of Pain That Are Connected To Stress And Emotions

The Western medicine has ignored the fact that emotions and the physical health go hand in hand and for the spirit and mind too. People often have links between the physical and mental health but this is ignored. Be healthier and read more on these signs:

Head pain

A headache means everyday stress is too much. Try to relax.

Neck pain

This means you do not forgive with ease. Think more on what you love, not what you hate about people.

Shoulder pain

This means emotional baggage and burden. Focus more on problems and share with people.

Upper back pain

This means emotional loneliness, feeling unloved and alone. Find a date and have fun!

Lower back pain

Money problems and worrying. Financial planning is the help you need.

Elbow pain

You need major life changes. Stiff arms are a dull life. Make more compromises.

Hand pain

This means you are a bit selfish towards others. Make new friends, or go to lunch with somebody.

Hip pain

You fear moving! Make more fixed decisions and take charge of the life!

Knee pain

This means the ego is too big and you have to work on that. Help and like other people too, we are all humans.

Source and image source: losingweightdone.com